Directions from San Miguel de Allende

How to get to the Troncones Area

troncones beach

Driving from San Miguel to any of the beach communities we feature on this site takes roughly 5 hours.

The total cost of tolls each way is $650 pesos (give or take a few). Be sure to fill up your tank COMPLETELY before taking off.


If you want to follow along with our trip odometer readings (in km), set yours to 0 at the Pipila Glorieta (where the Pollo Feliz and la Comer are located). Follow signs to Celaya.
At 42.6, (before you reach Home Depot), take a right onto the toll (cuota) road to Irapuato/Salamanca. It's where the big overpass is. Watch out for a kind of tope-like bump on the on-ramp.
After about 15 minutes or so (at 75.5), exit where it says Morelia/Ixtapa.
At the entronque valtierrilla, just take a card to pay the toll about a half hour later at entronque la cinta.
At 158.1 turn off to the right on the highway to Guadalajara/Patzcuaro/Uruapan.
At 164 turn off onto the Morelia/Patzcuaro cuota.
At 198 continue straight towards Patzcuaro/Uruapan.
At 223.7 continue straight towards Uruapan.
At 271.6 turn off to the right towards Lazaro Cardenas/Zihuatanejo.
At 300 there is a Pemex. ** as of now it is still not open, but shows signs of opening soon. Until open, you either have to hop off the highway when you get to Pazcuaro and turn right or wait until Nueva Italia.
At 456 stay in the far right lane towards Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo. (NOT Lazaro Cardenas). Immediately after paying the toll, you will veer to the right but be sure to take a left (heading south) towards Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo.
The turnoff to La Saladita is in the town of Los Llanos at 485 km.
The turnoff to Troncones is at 494.
The turnoff to Buenavista is at 498. For this one, you have to turn off to the right and loop around to ultimately make a left. Go through the town and turn right at Herreria Garcia and then left after Miscelania Lupita. Cross the bridge over the highway and follow the dirt road out to the beach.

Driving back to San Miguel
Directions: Start your odometer trip at the first toll booth (Feliciano)... the last one you came to on the way down before heading south. Follow the signs towards Uruapan and then at 184 km, stay right towards Patzcuaro/Morelia.
At 229 go straight towards Morelia cuota NOT Morelia libre.
At 257 follow the sign towards Copandaro Quiroga. Then immediately go straight towards Copandaro/Lago de Cuitzeo.
At 289 go off to the right towards Mexico cuota.
At 295.6 go towards Morelia/Salamanca.
Immediately exit again to the right to go under the highway. Follow signs to Salamanca cuota.
At 378.5 Go towards Celaya/Queretaro.
At 411.2 exit and turn left towards San Miguel.

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